Rooms & Amenities

Rooms & Amenities

Destination Wedding Garden

The Ibadat farm resort is a dreamy place where you can host your destination weddings, pre-wedding functions, birthday parties, and many more. We serve delicious, mouth-watering, vegetarian delicacies to the guests. Also, we host weddings by giving spectacular décor on the spot. We add amazing props and quality decorative items that make your money worth it. We help you to make your celebration unique by adding a special touch. Along with that, we provide luxurious rooms for your guests where they can stay and refresh for the big day! We have a huge lawn amidst lush greenery with a great ambience where you can refresh yourself. Now make your celebrations bigger & royal with us!

Ibadat Lake

Are you planning for a vacation with your family and friends around the splendid lakes? If yes, then IBADAT farm resort could be the best choice. We treat our visitors with luxurious and jaw-dropping facilities. Here you can get the view of splendid nature without any inconvenience. Experience the untouched beauty of Palghar, Maharashtra by relishing your holidays. Moreover, with us, you can rejuvenate yourself on the weekend and spend some quality time with your loved ones. You can also go boating with our experienced team without any hesitation and fear. Feel the comfort and ideal retreat with Ibadat farm resort.

Bamboo House & Red Stone House

This is a special attraction for tourists. We provide bamboo house rooms and red stone houses for our tourists by maintaining their privacy. The prices of these rooms are affordable and relished with every possible facility. This is the ideal place for all those tourists who want to feel the tradition of India by surrounding themselves in a peaceful environment. Also, this is a hugely demanding spot to chill out with your friends.

Golf Cart

We provide high standards of business facilities to our visitors, and these are the major tourist attractions. One such facility is the golf cart. We value your money and don’t want to spoil your vacation and weekend by delivering the worst service. By staying here with us, you feel satisfied, and it is well worth your money. We are aiming forward to provide you with the grand lifestyle that you are expecting from us. We will be delighted to provide you with the exact service that you want. Visit us!

International Tent House

Do you ever get the feeling of staying in a tent house? We provide tent houses to our guests where they can feel the lush green environment deeply. All the tent houses are prepared with full safety and security. Here you receive all kinds of amenities that you are looking for in a 5-star hotel. Along with that, we serve food and snacks to our visitors as per their preference. We have a courteous staff who provides you with all the necessary amenities on time. Feel more connected with this refreshing ambience by spending some days!

At IBADAT farm resort, you can receive the complete thrilling and cherishing experience with fun & memories. We make you feel closer to nature and make you feel the ambience. By staying in our tent house, you can enjoy the feeling of nature and receive quality food with a lot of indoor and outdoor games. Now you can spend your holiday with an exciting bunch of games and amenities.

Jojo & Buddy Glasshouse

At Ibadat farm resort, you can rent the Jojo & buddy glass house too. Here you can spend some time in the lounge with your families and friends. Moreover, you get the lush greenery surroundings. We are aiming to provide amazing stuff that every resort offers to its tourists. We open our doors for guests at any time. Furthermore, our professional and expert attendees ensure to provide a healthy and fun staying to the visitors.

Tiger House

If you are coming to us to host your birthday, business, and wedding party, then you may want to book a room for your guests. At Ibadat farmhouse, you can get a huge room for your guests so that they can spend some time with each other. 


Here, you can experience the clean and beautiful Gazebo to feel the surroundings and nature deeply. If you want to have a mesmerizing experience in Maharashtra, then we could be the best option for you. Enjoy boating, swimming, and eating delicious lunch, breakfast, and dinner made by our world-class chefs.

Ibadat Bungalow

At Ibadat resort, you can see the beauty of nature. We made this place with years of research and by fusing traditional and modern styling. Here you can get the chaotic scenes with paranomic views. We provide you with the wooden floorings rooms and a big lounge with free Wi-Fi and many more facilities.